Martha Cove Fishing Club was formed from a suggestion at the Annual General Meeting of the Martha Cove Management  Committee. The initial meeting was held at Safety Beach Sailing Club on 30th November 2014.  Trevor Nurse introduced himself as interim chair and gave a brief outline of the purpose and aims of the new Club.   Lawrie Mitchell was presented with a bottle of wine in appreciation of being the first person to sign up for membership. The chair then opened nominations for Committee.  Trevor Nurse was nominated by Rob Davey and seconded by Chris West. All present acknowledged this position. Trevor Nurse then resumed the chair and asked for volunteers to nominate for Committee.

The  membership fee was set at $100, this covers all members of a family living under the same roof.

The Club year now starts  January 1st and finishes December 31st

General meetings are  currently held on the first Friday of  the month at The Peninsula Club, Noel  Street Domana.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Club please look at our website:   http://www.marthaclubfishingclub.org.au/ and or contact our President  Lawrie  MITCHELL  tel ‭0402 389 501‬ or email    mcfc@spin.net.au

The Committee elected at the Annual general Meeting held at “The Atrium” on  February 9th 2018 comprises the following:-

PRESIDENT                                            Lawrie      MITCHELL

VICE PRESIDENT                                  Ian  BERGWERF

SECRETARY                                            Amanda    WOOKEY

TREASURER                                           Jacquie   SMITH

 WEIGHMASTER                                   Russell      HARRIS                                     WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR             Ray        LIGHTBODY                         COMMITTEE                                          Gail HARRIS         

                                                                  Graeme BONNIFACE

                                                                   Kevin  WEBSTER

                                                                   Jenni  CASALAZ

                                                                   Karen MANNING

                                                                   Gordon  HALL